Collection: Ritual herbal blends

Herbal blends can serve as a powerful means to convey symbolism in rituals. Through thoughtful selection of herbal blends and their properties, you can craft a meaningful and enriching ritual experience. Herbal blends symbolize physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, while also signifying protection against negative forces and the creation of a safe space. Certain herbs are linked to intuition, spiritual growth, and inner wisdom. These blends can bolster the manifestation process, symbolizing change, growth, and renewal. The scents and properties of herbs contribute to establishing a ceremonial connection with the spirit world, deities, or higher powers.

Within Semiphoras products, Hades represents the underworld and the shadows and temptations inherent to humanity. In contrast, Ishtar embodies physical reality and the world of the senses, while Aether encompasses the spiritual, higher, and metaphysical dimensions.