Collection: Ritual Salts

The ritual use and symbolism of salt vary across cultures and religions. In many rituals, salt serves as a unifying element representing purification, protection, and spirituality. Salt symbolizes the Earth element, the body, and the feminine aspect. Commonly, salt has been employed as a purifying agent, cleansing negative energies and averting the 'evil eye.' Consequently, in numerous traditions, salt has also been regarded as a protective element against malevolent forces.

In Christian traditions, salt finds usage in the baptism ritual or it can symbolize incorruptibility, eternity, and divine wisdom. Church grounds have been sanctified with salt and holy water, and salt has been employed to ward off malevolent spirits. Additionally, salt played a pivotal role in alchemical experiments, as alchemists sought to transmute base materials into gold.

Within Semiphoras's ritual saltS, Hades symbolizes the underworld, as well as the shadows and temptations inherent to humanity. Conversely, Ishtar represents the physical realm and the world of the senses, while Aether embodies the spiritual, higher, and metaphysical dimensions.