Collection: Symbols and amulets

Humanity's desire to safeguard itself from misfortune, illness, and malevolence is as ancient as human existence itself. From the earliest days of cavemen, amulets—objects associated with mysterious and magical properties—have offered a sense of protection. Amulets represent the age-old pursuit of health, strength, fertility, success, and good fortune. The term 'amulet' is derived either from the Latin word 'amuletum' or the Old Latin word 'amoletum,' both meaning 'a means of defense.'

Symbols and amulets play crucial roles in rituals, carrying diverse symbolic meanings based on the ritual's purpose. Personally selected symbols and amulets infuse rituals with personal significance and power.

Symbols and amulets signify spiritual growth, wisdom, and deeper understanding. They also represent protection and security, happiness and success, love and connection, the influence of the elements, and communication with the spirit world. Symbols and amulets additionally serve as poignant reminders of one's own aspirations.