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Lavender heaven

Lavender heaven

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Lavender heaven

The set includes:
- a package of dried lavender flowers from France
- two seashells or conch shells as a container for the lavender flowers

Symbol meaning

Lavender has been a symbol for many different things throughout the history of numerous cultures. In ancient Rome and Greece, lavender was used to clean sanctuaries and temple rooms. It was believed to help remove negative energies. In ancient Egypt, lavender was used to improve sleep. Since ancient times, lavender has been believed to have healing powers. It was used in various herbal preparations and oils and was believed to help with many ailments such as headaches, skin problems and relieve anxiety. In many cultures, lavender has been used in rituals and ceremonies as a special symbol.

Seashells and conches also have a long symbolic history in different cultures and eras. For example, the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela used to attach scallop shells to their hiking gear to show that they were on a pilgrimage. The spiral shape of conch shells has been considered a symbol of constant change, development, cyclical life and rebirth. Seashells have also symbolized love, fertility and connection. They have been used as amulets that were believed to protect against the evil eye or other dangers.

Ritual use and other uses

Crushing lavender blossoms releases an aromatic scent and can be used to relieve stress, to calm down and to give a space a lovely aromatic scent. Shells filled with lavender can be placed on the altar, bedside table or any other suitable place.

Here is also an example of using lavender as part of a ritual:

A sensual ritual for relaxation and promoting mental well-being


  • Dried lavender
  • Seashells
  • Candle / candles and matches
  • A peaceful space where you can sit or lie comfortably


1. Preparation:

    • Choose a quiet place where you can focus and relax.
    • Place a candle or candles in the space to create an peaceful atmosphere

2. Commencement

    • Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep and calm breaths.
    • Focus on relaxing and clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts.

3. Preparation of lavender and clams:

    • Take small amounts of dried lavender and a seashell or shells.
    • Hold lavender and seashell in your hands for a moment. Imagine feeling their soothing and cleansing energy.
    • You can put lavender in seashells or spread the flowers around you during the ritual.

4. Setting the intention:

    • Say an intention in your mind or out loud, for example: "This ritual is dedicated to increase peace and relaxation."
    • You can also invoke the ancient symbolic meaning of lavender and seashells to reinforce the purpose of the ritual.

5. Using lavender and shells:

    • Sprinkle lavender around or place it on your body to promote relaxation. You can also place seashells around you either freely or according to sacred geometry.
    • Focus on feeling the calming scent of lavender and the energy of lavender and seashells around you. Take a deep breath and let yourself sink into relaxation and peace. Let your imagination flow freely.

6. Thank you:

    • Thank the lavender and seashells for their presence and support in the ritual.
    • Be still for a moment and enjoy the peace and well-being you have experienced during the ritual.

7. Decision:

    • When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and feel your body and mind relaxed and refreshed.
    • You can extinguish the candle, if you used one, and go about your day feeling peace and well-being after the ritual.

This ritual is designed to help you relax, focus and promote your mental well-being. You can customize it according to your own needs and preferences by adding or changing steps as needed.

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