• Minna Kirsi, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and founder of Semiphoras.

    Minna Kirsi

    Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, years of clinical experience.

    Training related to the use of images and symbols:

    • NLP Master Practitioner
    • Certified Tarot Advisor
    • Reiki Practitioner
    • Astrology

    Years of delving into various worldviews, including creationist and emanationistic belief systems. Additionally, I am well-versed in subjects such as myths, fairy tales, archetypes, dream interpretation, and profound meditative practices. I have decades of experience in symbol interpretation, intuition development, and ritual work.

  • Thomas Hamberg

    Visual artist, a professional in the performing arts, and an antiques dealer with a specialization in ethnographic and non-European art, as well as ancient antiques. Have a profound interest in parapsychology and the occult. Over the years, I have become well-acquainted with topics such as witchcraft, Satanism, and animistic nature religions, including voodoo. Participating e.g. in the following:

    • The Ida ho working group focuses on aspects of excess within humanity, including filth and the grotesque body. Through their artistic endeavors, the group aims to examine, reveal, and re-evaluate the prevailing normative discourses and practices associated with the body.
    • The body and the other: Lived impossibilities between art and science. The research project delved into the phenomena and experiences of the uncanny (das Unheimliche, the uncanny).