PURIFICO - the initial stage of rituals and development process

Purifico - purification


We are constantly subject to numerous emotions and influences, and the distractions of the external world take their toll. This is why it's crucial to regularly retreat and evaluate, cleansing our inner selves of these internal and external influences. In the quest to discover our true selves, it becomes essential to peel back layer upon layer of distorted perceptions and false identifications. Finding the authentic self and embodying it in our lives demands recognizing the false identifications that accumulate within us over the course of life and gradually shedding them. This concept is central to and lies at the heart of Purifico products and rituals.

Purification rituals are ceremonial practices aimed at spiritual or physical purification, as well as the abandonment of hindrances to personal development. Through sacrifice and letting go, we create space for greater goodness to enter. These rituals can vary significantly across different traditions and belief systems. Here are some examples of various elements employed in purification rituals:

  • Water: In many cultures, water symbolizes purification. Being wetted, dipped, or washed with clean water can signify both physical and mental/spiritual purification.
  • Herbs and Salts: You can also blend herbs or salt mixtures into the water to enhance and target the symbolic cleansing effect.
  • Crystals: Various crystals can be associated with cleansing and balancing the body's and environment's energies.
  • Smoke and Incense: Smoke and incense play significant roles in many purification rituals. Smoke is believed to symbolize change, transformation, and transition. During purification rituals, smoke is seen as carrying away the old and impure, making space for new beginnings.
  • Sounds, Prayers, and Mantras: Sounds, prayers, mantras, and chants can be incorporated into purification rituals. Repetition of words and sounds can help focus and foster a deep sense of connection.
  • Symbolic Gestures: Symbolic gestures can also be part of purification rituals. These gestures aid in releasing negative energies and cultivating mental or spiritual purity.
  • Grounding and Meditation: Cleansing rituals may include grounding and meditation exercises to release stress and negative emotions.