ASCENDO - the final stage of rituals and development process and the beginning of a new one

ASCENDO sanctification

The Ascendo stage represents the final phase in the continuum of personal development. During this stage, individuals achieve their aspirations and experience an increase in understanding, resources, and abilities. The attainment of this stage is often marked by the expansion and illumination of one's comprehension, leading to more sophisticated thoughts and actions. This transformative experience can be described as an 'eye-opening,' a catharsis, or even an enlightenment. There are numerous ways to describe it, as the experience is profound and is typically accompanied by feelings of fulfillment and gratitude. It may also inspire individuals to share the knowledge and understanding they have gained with others.

The primary component of Ascendo products is oil, as throughout history, oil has played a significant role when individuals assume new responsibilities, authorities, or abilities. Anointing ceremonies have symbolized the bestowal and acceptance of authority and responsibility. These ceremonies bind the anointed individual to their tasks and duties while serving as a reminder that their power, wisdom, and position originate from a higher source, rather than being solely self-derived.

In the rituals of the Ascendo phase, the aim is to acknowledge the personal transformation and growth that have occurred and to take ownership of the abilities and understanding that have been acquired. The Ascendo phase process also involves expressing gratitude for what has been accomplished and sharing the blessings of increased ability with others.

Oils symbolize holiness, strength, wisdom, and the blessings of the Most High. They can be used in various ways during rituals. Here are some examples:

  • Anointing: Oil can be used for anointing, where a person or object is consecrated with oil to symbolize blessing, sanctification, completion, or preparation for an important event.
  • Blessing Objects: Oil can be used to bless and sanctify various objects, such as crosses, amulets, talismans, or sacred items.
  • Prayer and Meditation: Oil can be incorporated into prayer and meditation rituals to help focus and establish a connection with the spiritual realm.
  • Symbolic Gestures: Oil can be part of symbolic gestures associated with purification, holiness, or blessings. For instance, it can be used to create sacred patterns during ritual ceremonies.
  • Lighting Lamps: Oil can be used in lamps that are lit during rituals, symbolizing light and the presence of the Supreme.
  • Memorials and Altars: Oil can be included in memorials or altars designed to honor the divine or commemorate significant events.
  • Vessels or Bowls: Oil can be poured into vessels or bowls and blessed or consecrated during the ritual. These vessels containing oil can then be used for sprinkling, blessing and anointing objects or individuals, or drawing important symbols on the body or objects.

To create the appropriate atmosphere and maximize the impact, it's crucial to conduct the ritual in a reverent setting.

Development is an ongoing process. The conclusion of one phase of development also marks the commencement of the next. Therefore, reaching the Ascendo stage not only signifies personal growth but also opens the door to a new phase, offering the potential for further advancement.