Collection: Oil products

Different oils have a long and illustrious history of use in rituals and ceremonies across diverse cultures worldwide. The effectiveness of scented oils is rooted in the belief that fragrances possess the power to influence people and objects. In many rituals, oils symbolize purity, holiness, and power, serving as a bridge between ordinary, everyday life and a sacred state.

Oils are utilized for various purposes, such as anointing, symbolizing sanctification, blessing, or authority. This practice may relate to the consecration of priests or the sanctification of ritual objects. In ancient Egyptian funeral ceremonies, priests were required to anoint themselves with specific oils before reciting sacred words, ensuring the safe passage of the deceased into the afterlife. Across different churches and religions, oils hold diverse meanings and play various roles in rituals.

The purpose of Ascendo oil products is to ritually celebrate personal growth and symbolically authorize the transition to a new level.

Within Semiphoras products, Hades represents the underworld, along with the shadows and temptations inherent to humanity. Ishtar, conversely, symbolizes the physical realm and the world of the senses, while Aether embodies the spiritual, higher, and metaphysical dimensions.