Collection: Shells, conches and corals

Shells, conchs, and corals have been significant parts of maritime cultures and widely used symbols with various meanings in rituals and daily life. Their curved, twisted, and branching forms can symbolize life paths, soul journeys, and spiritual dimensions, representing personal growth and development in rituals.

In many cultures, shells have been associated with rebirth and transformation, often linked to feminine archetypes and fertility. Their round shape and connection to water can symbolize feminine energy and the creation of life. Shells are also symbols of protection, luck, and prosperity in many cultures, with their shells often used as amulets and protective charms. 

Corals complement this natural ensemble, reflecting the rich diversity of the sea. Corals have been significant in many cultures, symbolizing change, growth, and regeneration.

Shells, conchs, and corals tell stories of nature's mysteries, reminding us of the beauty of the ocean depths and sparking our curiosity. Explore our collection, featuring beautiful shells, stunning conchs, and enchanting corals, and let them bring the ambiance of the sea into your home.


Note: The shells, conchs, and corals available at Semiphoras are from 20th-century European private collections and are thus vintage specimens. We do not condone the illegal import or resale of new shells, conchs, or corals.