Rituals For Transformation

Semiphoras offers a range of objects and symbols that have been utilized in numerous cultures, belief systems, and rituals throughout human history. Through its products and services, Semiphoras helps to create a connection with the hidden aspects of the self.

The unknown realm of the human mind holds immense value. It possesses a mysterious capability to develop us toward higher spiritual planes, providing us with a sense of security and hope during challenging times, helping us to solve problems, foster innovation, forge profound connections, experience intense emotions, and attain profound states of consciousness. Within our inner unknown lies an archetypal and ancient wisdom, embodying the deepest essence of humanity.

At the core of Semiphoras lies development as a human being through symbol work and repetitive rituals. Symbols are inherently tied to a deeper archetypal realm, and when we connect with a symbol, we establish a direct link to these archetypes. Symbols transcend words, and their message must be understood intuitively. They serve as gateways to the hidden, to a place where ancient wisdom converges with new possibilities. We've divide personal development into three distinct stages: Purifico, Dedico, and Ascendo. These stages mirror the spiral progression inherent in all transformative processes.

Semiphoras holds a profound respect for all traditions and belief systems. They serve as windows into the rich diversity of humanity while also constituting an essential aspect of the human mind. Their influence on human history has been profound, embodying principles that continue to resonate within the collective consciousness and individual minds to this day. We are merely at the outset of this journey, which unveils the comprehension of a great mystery—the depths of our own souls.

Join us on a mystical journey where old traditions meet modern human knowledge.

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Purifico is the initial stage of the ritual and development process. It involves becoming aware of the need for change, dismantling old dysfunctional structures, and ritually cleansing oneself from them. The role of rituals at this stage is to assist in letting go of the old and dysfunctional, making space for the new to come.


Dedico is the second stage in the ritual and development process. It involves embracing the unknown, residing in a state of not-knowing between two worlds. There's no turning back to the old, yet access to the new remains elusive. During this stage, new endeavors take shape, and regular rituals center around altar work.


Ascendo represents the final stage in the ritual and development process, as well as beginning of the next level of growth. This stage embodies an expansion of understanding, increase in life force, and a profound awareness that one has reached a new level of development. Rituals emphasize the attained maturity, wisdom, and a deep sense of gratitude.

  • Personal guidance

    • Opportunity for personal email guidance with a psychotherapist to work on your own issue or goal (in English).
    • Teaching and guidance on the ritual ensemble via email (in English).
  • Semiphoras trainings

    • DEDICO

  • Workshops and ritual evenings

    The trainers consist of both the founders of Semiphoras and visiting experts. We organize workshops and ritual evenings on a seasonal basis, focusing on various themes, including working with symbols and archetypes. Additionally, we offer opportunities for participants to become acquainted with rituals and guided ritual experiences.