Collection: Shells and Conches

Shells and conches have held a prominent place in maritime cultures worldwide. They have been widely revered as symbols, each carrying distinct meanings in various rituals. Shells and conches are often linked to the concept of change.

Their intricate, spiral forms can symbolize the journey of life, the soul's path, and the realms of spirituality. They serve to represent personal growth and development within the context of rituals. In many cultures, seashells have been associated with themes of rebirth and transformation. Seashells also frequently bear connections to feminine archetypes and fertility. Their rounded shapes and association with water symbolize feminine energy and the birth of life. Moreover, they serve as symbols of protection, luck, and prosperity in numerous cultures, often being utilized as amulets and protective talismans.

Please note that the seashells available at Semiphoras are not new; they originate from European private collections of the 20th century. We do not engage in the sale or distribution of newly acquired clams, conch shells, or their components. Furthermore, we do not accept or participate in any illegal importation or resale of these items.