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Smelling salt - skull blast

Smelling salt - skull blast

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Smelling salt - skull blast

Ingredients: peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, salt

These small and handy smelling salts consist of mineral-rich salt crystals with a balanced blend of essential oils. The combination of these two ingredients provides a sensory experience that can affect your mood immediately. Essential oils are mixed with high-quality salt crystals, which act both as a carrier for the oils and as a useful ingredient in itself. Each breath is a harmonious combination of fragrance and therapeutic effects.

Using smelling salt is simple: open the jar, breathe in lightly and let the aroma surround you. Aromatic salt is not only a convenient way to utilize the properties of essential oils, but also a sensual and discreet part of the daily wellness routine.

Discover the power of natural aromas and the calming effect of carefully selected scents.

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