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Water vessel - Karuwa

Water vessel - Karuwa

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Water vessel - Karuwa, single piece

Bronze alloy, Newar people, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, 19th century. Size approx. 100mm x 90mm x 75mm.

An attractive water vessel with a long spout, the karuwa is used in Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayāna) and Hinduism for storing and pouring water. Karuwa can be found in different sizes in temples, shrines, home altars and kitchens. It is an integral part of sacred ceremonies and rites. Water is poured from the Karuwa in traditional rites of passage (bratabandha), in wedding ceremonies, as well as in celebrations related to Pasni.

Symbol meaning

The round-sided and long-beaked Karuwa has been considered to symbolize the two opposing, complementary fundamental forces of the universe. Its rounded sides have been said to represent a feminine, fertile woman, while the beak has been seen as a phallic, masculine element. In this way, Karuwa is considered to combine the Jin and Yang of Chinese philosophy, as well as the Yoni and Lingam of Hinduism.

Ritual use

Recommended for use in pouring and storing holy water.

Note! The attached Karuwa is an elderly, hard-used individual piece. It may have minor surface defects such as oxidation, dents and wear.

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