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Cymbals - Tingsha

Cymbals - Tingsha

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Tingsha cymbals

Tibet or India. Bronze alloy.
Dimensions: approximately 95mm x 95mm. Weight: 555g.

Tingsha (also ting-sha) is a pair of cymbals made from bronze alloy or bell metal, connected by a leather strap. The cymbals are often intricately decorated and concave in shape. Tingshas are primarily used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals, played with one hand, often with a slight wrist movement to make the cymbals strike each other.

Symbolic Meaning

The clear, resonant sound of Tingsha symbolizes the great compassion of Buddha. The concave shape of the cymbals is said to resemble the vault of the sky, and their movement symbolizes the passage of time and the polarities of life – good and evil, death and life, darkness and light, beginning and end.

Ritual Use

Tingshas are an essential part of various spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and rituals. Their sound is believed to aid in concentration, deepen the connection to divine energy, and invite spiritual growth. Tingshas are thought to dispel negative energies, ward off evil spirits, and provide protection from harm.

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