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Terracotta bead string

Terracotta bead string

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Terracotta bead string

Unglazed terracotta, c. 13th-18th century (some possibly even from the 5th century), Niger/Mali, West Africa. Beads are strung on modern cords. The products in the picture are sample pieces.

Bead string S-size: Length approx. 850mm - 900mm. Beads size approx. 5mm - 120mm.

String of beads M size: Length approx. 850mm - 900mm. Beads size approx. 6mm - 250mm.

The small-sized, cylindrical terracotta beads originate from Mali, West Africa and presumably date back to around 1200-1700. It is not known exactly who made these pearls at the time. They have been found in large quantities buried in the sands of the Sahara, where they have been picked up as parts of jewelry and traded. Ancient terracotta beads probably originated from strings of rosary beads that were used in the monasteries of the Coptic Church in Egypt, the Sahara desert, and Sinai. According to an alternative theory, pearls originally came from Egypt, among the ancient Copts. In that case, the pearls would be even older. Unglazed terracotta beads are probably made using a mold, fired under the scorching sun and cut from long bars into individual beads.

Note! The pearls in question are hundreds of years old, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors, shapes and brightness may vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the individuals selected for you by intuition resonate best with your personal purpose.

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