Tarot Crystal Candle - The Sun

Tarot Crystal Candle - The Sun

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Tarot crystal candle - The Sun - Radiating optimism and positivity

Positivity, joy, warmth, success and force of life. The refreshing citrus-scented The Sun crystal candle lifts your mood and creates a sunny atmosphere.

Dimensions: 8.8 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 360g

Materials: soy wax, fragrance mixture, glass
Crystals: citrine and sodalite
Fragrance mixture: lemongrass and honeysuckle
- main notes: lemongrass, mandarin, orange
- heart notes: honeysuckle and gardenia
- base notes: green tea and white musk

Burning time: approx. 22 hours

Tarot crystal candles are crafted to bring Tarot symbolism and mysticism into your life. Each candle contains carefully selected crystals and dried flowers to symbolize each Tarot card archetype. Tarot crystal candles emit a scent that tantalizes the senses. They are made of real crystals, organic soy wax, a fragrance mixture, dried flowers, and a wooden wick.

The center of The Sun crystal candle is citrine and sodalite, which complement the positive energy of the candle. Citrine, known as the "stone of success", combines with the harmonizing energy of sodalite. They bring optimism and joy to the space. After burning the tarot crystal candle, the glass jar can be reused and the stones can be cleaned and stored.

Ritual use :

The Sun card in the Tarot deck represents success, radiance and abundance. The world of The Sun card gives strength and reminds you that wherever you go or whatever you do, positive energy follows you and brings joy to your life.

Here's a simple sample ritual that focuses on the joy-of-life-enhancing energy, utilizing The Sun crystal candle:


  • The Sun crystal candle
  • A small crystal (you can choose citrine or sunstone to add sunny energy)
  • Nice and quiet space
  • Possibly music or a soundscape that evokes happy feelings

Ritual steps:

  • Prepare the space : Choose a quiet space where you can be undisturbed. If you want, you can create an atmosphere by lighting a few candles or using soft lighting.
  • Place a crystal : Place a small crystal or stone in the center of your ritual space. You can place it on the table or even in the palm of your hand.
  • Light The Sun Crystal Candle : Light a candle and let its flame shine. Focus on the candle flame for a moment and inhale deeply its warm scent.
  • Visualize sunny energy : Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the middle of a sunny day. Feel the warmth and light around you. Imagine how the sun radiates positive energy and fills you with the joy of life.
  • Feel grateful : Take a moment to give thanks for what you have in your life and for the things that bring you joy and happiness. You can visualize the future with gratitude and confidence.
  • Meditate or Relax : Sit quietly for a moment and give yourself permission to relax and be present in this moment. You can use meditation, breathing exercises or simply enjoy a quiet moment.
  • End the Ritual : When finished, gently blow out the candle or extinguish it safely. You can keep a small crystal with you to remind you of sunny energy and joy of life.

Repeat this ritual regularly to maintain positive energy and zest for life in your life.

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