Tarot Crystal Candle - The Moon

Tarot Crystal Candle - The Moon

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Tarot Crystal Candle - The Moon

Illusion, fear, subconscious and intuition. Illuminate your room with the light of the Moon crystal candle and let the soothing scent and energy of amethyst guide you into an intuitive state.

Dimensions: 8.8 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 360g

Materials: soy wax, fragrance mixture, glass
Crystals: Amethyst
Fragrance blend: lavender
- main notes: basil
- heart notes: lavender and nutmeg
- base notes: amber, patchouli

Burning time: approx. 22 hours

Tarot crystal candles are made to bring Tarot symbolism and mysticism for your use. Each candle contains carefully selected crystals and dried flowers to symbolize each Tarot card archetype. Tarot crystal candles have a scent that tickles the senses. They are made of real crystals, organic soy wax, fragrance mixture, dried flowers and a wooden heart.

The Moon crystal candle is centered around amethyst, known for its spiritual, stress-relieving properties and believed to promote a peaceful atmosphere. After burning the tarot crystal candle, the glass jar can be reused and the stones cleaned and stored.

Ritual use :

The Moon card of the Tarot deck represents a deeper mental landscape where both fears and opportunities lie hidden. It encourages exploring one's inner self, trusting intuition, and being aware of potential illusions.

This sample ritual combines the energy of The Moon card with a crystal candle to create a meditative space to strengthen intuition and promote spiritual growth. Rituals are always personal and can be modified according to one's own needs and beliefs.


  • The Moon crystal candle
  • Tarot card deck
  • The Moon tarot card
  • Matches or lighter
  • A comfortable and peaceful space for the ritual

Ritual steps:

  • Preparation : Choose a calm and quiet space where you can perform the ritual with concentration. Place the crystal candle in front of you so that you can see it clearly. Place The Moon card in front of you. Keep a deck of tarot cards within reach.
  • Concentration and meditation : Sit in a comfortable position in front of a candle. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath to calm down. Then open your eyes and focus on the candle flame.
  • Choosing a tarot card : Take a deck of tarot cards and shuffle them carefully. In your mind or out loud, ask for the wisdom and guidance of the Moon card in your endeavors. Then draw one card from the deck.
  • Tarot Card Review : After choosing a card, hold it in your hand. Look at the card and study its symbolism carefully. Place it next to The Moon card and see how these two cards together provide insight into your life situation.
  • Visualization and meditation : Close your eyes and imagine yourself entering the landscape of the Moon card. Let the card's symbolism and energy flow inside you. Focus on receiving the card's message and understanding its meaning in your own life.
  • Thank you and closing : Thank the Moon energy and the crystal candle for the guidance and enlightenment of the ritual. Extinguish the candle. Close the ritual feeling strengthened and enlightened by intuition and inner wisdom. Write the thoughts that came to your mind in your journal.

The Moon card symbolizes mystery, the power of intuition and the depths of the subconscious. The card represents uncertainty, fears and illusions, but it also encourages you to face these fears and explore them more deeply. The Moon encourages us to delve into our subconscious, discover hidden truths, and trust the intuition we each have.

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