Tarot Crystal Candle - The Lovers

Tarot Crystal Candle - The Lovers

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Tarot Crystal Candle - The Lovers - Blooming rose Meadows

To the atmosphere of love, warmth, gentleness and romance.

Dimensions: 8.8 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 360g

Materials: soy wax, fragrance mixture, glass
Crystals: rose quartz
Fragrance blend: Moroccan rose
- main notes: bergamot, pink pepper
- heart notes: Moroccan rose, peony
- base notes: patchouli, amber

Burning time: approx. 22 hours

Tarot crystal candles are made to bring Tarot symbolism and mysticism for your use. Each candle contains carefully selected crystals and dried flowers to symbolize each Tarot card archetype. Tarot crystal candles have a scent that tickles the senses. They are made of real crystals, organic soy wax, fragrance mixture, dried flowers and a wooden heart.

The love-attracting rose quartz is the centerpiece of The Lovers crystal candle. It is thought to open the heart chakra and invite love into life. After burning the tarot crystal candle, the glass jar can be reused and the stones can be cleaned and stored.

Ritual use :

Tarot card "The Lovers" in its purest form symbolizes a conscious connection with another and meaningful human relationships. It represents love, harmony and human relationships, but also the alignment of values ​​and choices. The Lovers card is also related to the union of opposite elements and energies.

A ritual of love and connection with The Lovers candle

  • Supplies:
  • The Lovers candle
  • Paper and pen
  • A quiet space where you can concentrate

Ritual Steps:

  • Preparation : Prepare for the ritual by choosing a quiet and peaceful space where you can be undisturbed. Place The Lovers candle on the ritual altar or table in front of you.
  • Heart Intention : Sit comfortably in front of a candle. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, focusing on your breath. Focus on your heart and think about the things you want to invite into your life: love, connection, harmony. Create a clear picture in your mind of what kind of life you want.
  • Write the intention : Take a small piece of paper and a pen. Write a short but powerful intention about what you want to manifest through the ritual. For example: "I want to open my heart to love and find a deeper connection with myself and others."
  • Light a candle : Light The Lovers candle
  • Sending Emotions : Watch the flames dance and visualize the energy of love and connection flowing towards you. Read the intention you wrote out loud or in your mind. Imagine how this intention will come true in your life and how love and connection will grow stronger day by day.
  • Thank you and conclusion : Thank the universe and The Lovers candle for being present and supporting you. End the ritual by saying, "So be it." This solidifies your intention and opens the door for change.
  • Extinguishing : Let The Lovers candle burn for a while if you want the energy of the ritual to continue to flow. Extinguish the candle.
  • Reflection : Reflect for a while on the feelings and thoughts experienced during the ritual. You can write notes in your journal or meditate for a while.

This ritual can help you strengthen your connection to the energy of love and invite more love into your life and connections with others. Remember that rituals are personal and you can modify this ritual to fit your own needs and beliefs.

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