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Incense coals, 10 pcs

Incense coals, 10 pcs

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Incense coals, 10-piece set

High-quality incense carbon discs burn evenly and for a long time. Perfect for Semiphoras incense mixtures and Semiphoras mold balls. The size of one disc is about 33mm. Sold as a set ( 10 pieces).


1. Place the incense coal on a flat, non-burning surface, in a censer or in a ceramic bowl. Put fine sand or sea salt on the bottom of the container, so that the coal stays in place and does not conduct too much heat downwards. Please note that the coal glows very hot for a long time!

2. Light the incense coal with matches or a lighter. The carbon disc starts to spark and it soon turns gray around the edges. Wait a few minutes.

3. Lightly blow on the charcoal. When the center of the charcoal disk is gray, it emits heat, and its edges are white, you can sprinkle Semiphoras incense mixture on the surface of the coal or place a mold ball on the coal.

4. Make sure the incense coal is completely extinguished and cooled. You can extinguish the coal by suffocating it with sand or salt, or by pouring water into the container.

Note! Attention to fire safety. Act like an open fire. Do not leave lit incense charcoal unattended. The coal gets very hot, so the censer also gets really hot. Keep the censer only on a heat-resistant surface. Not for children. The burning time of incense coal is about 45-60 minutes.

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