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Incense - Ishtar

Incense - Ishtar

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Incense - Ishtar, approx. 5 ml

Semiphoras' luxurious Ishtar incense seduces with its ancient, sensual scent, which combines, among other things, amber that is millions of years old, roasted cane sugar and mystical myrrh.

Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, was the most important goddess of Mesopotamia throughout the history of the Land of the Twin Streams. In the Egyptian and Assyrian regions, Ishtar was considered the goddess of war and battle, but above all she was the goddess of femininity, beauty, love and fertility. She was also the goddess of Venus, rain and thunderstorms. Ishtar was one of the trinity of star gods, along with the sun god Shamash and the moon god Sin. Ishtar's symbols were a lion and a star drawn inside a circle with 6, 8 or 16 points. Because of her strong sexuality, Ishtar has been considered especially the protector of prostitutes.

Handcrafted in Finland, first-class incense burns evenly and smells long. Semiphoras' unique incenses are made using traditional methods from pure organic raw materials; resins, herbs, oils and flower petals. Carefully selected and consecrated ingredients are carefully mixed into a finished mixture. We recommend using incense at the beginning of ritual work, as part of meditation, yoga, sacred rites and ceremonies, and for cleaning and sanctifying space and altar furniture.

Symbol meaning

Frankincense is an aromatic substance that, when burned, spreads a good scent to its surroundings. The word "incense" refers to the smoke as well as the burning substance itself. Originally, the purpose of burning incense was to establish a connection with the spirit world, to purify persons and spaces, and to express gratitude and respect. They were also used to dispel unpleasant odors and to protect and ward off evil spirits.

In several countries of the Far East, e.g. In India, China and Japan, incense is used in sacred religious rituals, at temple entrances, in front of deities on altars, or burned at home, for example on the doorstep or on a small home altar. Incense is used to show respect to important spirit beings and deities

Ritual use

  • Cleansing : Incenses not only clean the physical environment but also dispel negative energy. Their gentle smoke can help clear away darkness and obstacles and make room for new growth. - For example, carefully take the censer in your hand and spread the smoke around you. You can do this by moving the smoke slowly and deliberately around your body, starting at the head area and working your way down. You can also diffuse the smoke in the room or space you are in to purify it.
  • Connection : Incense smoke reaches up toward the sky, creating a symbolic bridge to the spirit world, divinity, and higher dimensions. The intoxicating smell of incense carries your requests and intentions to the heights. - For example, before burning incense, set an intention about what kind of connection you want to create. Breathe deeply and calmly, let the mind quiet down, and as the incense smokes you can imagine how the smoke lifts your thoughts and intentions towards heaven. Make room for possible intuitive messages and insights.
  • Sacrifice : Sacrifice of the old self in terms of limiting beliefs and things that hinder development. - For example, before burning incense, set an intention about what you want to achieve with the sacrifice. You can think of traits, behaviors, or burdens of the old self that you want to release. Light the incense and focus on the emotions you want to release. You can imagine how the rising smoke symbolizes these feelings or traits. You can also say out loud the feelings or thoughts you want to release.

Other uses

  • Life changes: Incenses have been part of various life change rituals. They symbolize the transition from one state to another and help us embrace the power of change
  • Calming and increasing awareness: The scent of incense wafts around you, creating a calming atmosphere. This magical atmosphere invites you to a world of meditation and spiritual concentration.
  • Intuition and wisdom: The smell of incense awakens intuitive awareness and helps to open a connection with the inner wisdom that lies within all of us.
  • Gratitude and Respect: Incense can be a gesture of gratitude and respect, whether directed at higher powers, ancestors, or the sacredness of nature.
  • Sensual experience: The scent of incense awakens the senses and increases sensual pleasure. It can also open the gate to ceremonies and rituals that celebrate the world of the senses.

If you want more information about rituals and their purpose, participate in Semiphoras online courses or book an appointment for personal guidance.

This is how you burn incense

A pinch of Semiphoras incense is sprinkled on the lit incense coal, which has turned gray on the surface. The incense slowly melts and releases fragrant smoke for several minutes. Since the incense produces a lot of smoke when it burns, you should take care of sufficient replacement air. We recommend using incense near an open window or balcony door. In this case, the smoke of the incense mixes with the fresh outdoor air and the scent is more prominent. You can also burn incense outdoors. Allow the incense to burn slowly over the coal until it goes out.

Manufacturer: Semiphoras Oy, Espoo

Made by hand in Espoo.

The ingredient list is subject to change. Please check the up-to-date list of ingredients on the side of the cardboard package.

Note!  For ritual use. Store in a dry and cool place protected from light. For external use only. Not suitable for consumption. Attention to fire safety. Act like an open fire. Do not leave lit incense charcoal unattended. The coal gets very hot, so the censer also gets really hot. Make sure that the smoke can rise freely and that there is nothing flammable near the burning incense, for example curtains or textiles. Also, make sure that the censer is on a heat-resistant surface. Do not use the product on children or pets and keep out of their reach. The burning time of incense coal is about 45-60 minutes.

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