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Septarian Thunder Egg slice - A stone of healing vibrations

Septarian Thunder Egg slice - A stone of healing vibrations

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Septarian Thunder Egg slice, a large and very beautiful single piece!

Diameter 180mm/18cm
Weight 855g
Origin: Utah, USA

This very beautiful Septarian Thunder Egg slice is striking and wonderfully colorful. "Septarian" is the name for a concretion stone found in sedimentary layers. It consists of sedimentary rock and yellow calcite and occurs in deposits as egg-shaped or spherical stone balls. The word "concretion" comes from two Latin words: "con," which means together, and "crescere," which means to grow. This intergrowth describes the formation and special markings of this unusual stone. In the Septarian, sedimentary rock and calcite have "grown together" creating mostly gray, brown and yellow color gradational shapes and patterns.

The distinctive irregular patterns inside the nodules are created when the angular "cracks" are filled by mineral precipitation. Angular fissures are called "septarian," which comes from the Latin word "septum," meaning septum, and thus gives Septarian its name.


Symbol meaning

Septarian is an interesting stone with many symbolic meanings.

Septarian encourages taking care of the Earth. It is a balancing and grounding stone and can help you feel connected to the earth and nature. It is said to be a good aid in the practice of spiritual development and meditation. This stone focuses healing vibrations and can be used to enhance spiritual/spiritual group unity.

Septarian can help deepen self-awareness and help you better understand your own strengths and weaknesses. It has even been said to be useful in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Septarian represents change and growth. They can represent an opportunity to renew through difficulties or challenges.

The patterns and shapes inside the stone can inspire creativity. This joyful stone offers support when we think about ideas and helps to implement them. It can help you express yourself through art and creative writing. Septarian is also a useful support for public speaking.

The meanings associated with the Septarian stone can be personal and depend on how the individual experiences the influence of the stone in their life. The interpretation of symbols is also very subjective, and each person's experience with the stone can be unique.


Ritual use

You can use the Septarian Thunder Egg disc on your altar, in crystal grids or as a meditation tool. Use septarian in a variety of rituals and meditations related to themes of balance, creativity, change, and growth, as this stone symbolizes these things. Here's a simple ritual using septarian:

A ritual of balance and growth


  • Septarian stone
  • Candle and matches
  • A peaceful and undisturbed space

Ritual steps:

1. Preparation:

  • Choose a quiet space where you can perform the ritual undisturbed.
  • Place the septarian stone and the candle in front of you.

2. Concentration:

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and calmly a few times, focusing on your breathing.

3. Lighting the candle:

  • Light the candle and say: "This candle symbolizes light, growth and balance."

4. Septarian Empowerment:

  • Take the septarian stone in your hand and hold it for a while. Imagine how it is filled with positive energy and power.

5. Asking for balance and growth:

  • Close your eyes again and imagine what kind of balance and growth you want in your life. You can think about specific goals or things you want to improve.

6. Loading Septarian with Objectives:

  • Ask a septarian to help you achieve your goals of balance and growth. You can do this silently in your mind or out loud.

7. Thanks and conclusion:

  • Thank the septarian for its help and close the ritual by saying, "Thank you for helping me balance and grow."

8. Extinguishing the candle:

  • Extinguish the candle and let the energy of the ritual settle. You can keep a septarian on your altar as a reminder of your goals and growth.

This ritual is designed to help you focus on your goals of balance and growth through septarian power. You can adapt it to your own needs and add other elements to it, such as meditation or affirmations, that support your goals.

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