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Selenite Arches

Selenite Arches

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Selenite Arches

Height: approx. 135mm
Width: approx. 90mm
Weight: 1600 - 1900g

These beautiful selenite pieces are designed as stable, arch-shaped counterparts that bring both practicality and aesthetics to your home or spiritual space. They are perfect for altars, adding an element of completeness and offering the symbolic meaning of selenite for manifestation. The arch shape makes these pieces stable and versatile. They can also be used as bookends for important books to transfer positive energy. They stand firmly and add a beautiful visual element to any space.

Selenite is a clear and translucent mineral that belongs to the gypsum group. It often forms long and thin crystals with a soft and fragile structure. Selenite crystal is known for its silky luster and light-reflecting surface, making it visually striking. Chemically, selenite is calcium sulfate and has a monoclinic crystal structure, meaning its crystals are oriented in one direction, forming long, slender columns.

Symbolic Meanings of Selenite

Selenite is a revered crystal known for its powerful cleansing and spiritual properties. It symbolizes purification and clarity, helping to remove negative energies from the mind and environment, leaving behind clarity and purity.

Purification and Clarity

Selenite is believed to effectively cleanse both the mind and space of negative energies. This crystal brings clarity and sharpens thoughts, helping to focus on the essential and remove distractions.

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Selenite is strongly associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment. It is said to help open higher levels of consciousness, enhancing intuition and deepening meditation experiences. With selenite crystal, one can achieve a deeper connection to the Higher Self and universal consciousness.


  • Altar Decoration: Place selenite pieces on your altar to add a beautiful element and offer the purifying energy of selenite. They can serve as focal points in rituals and meditations performed at the altar.
  • Meditation Aid: Keep selenite pieces near you during meditation to deepen your experience and achieve inner peace.
  • Energy Cleansing: Use these pieces to cleanse the space of negative energies and bring clarity and purity to the environment.

Selenite is a versatile and powerful crystal that can support well-being, offering purification, clarity, and a deeper connection to the spiritual world.

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