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Royal Scarab with inscription of Thutmosis III (Piankhi Menkheperre)

Royal Scarab with inscription of Thutmosis III (Piankhi Menkheperre)

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Royal Scarab with inscription of Thutmosis III (Piankhi Menkheperre) -  Magnificient unique piece (note small size)

  • Inscription: ruler name Thutmosis III (Piankhi Menkheperre)
  • Culture: Ancient Egypt
  • Material: Faience
  • Dimensions:11×8×6 mm
  • Period: around 700 BC
  • Condition: good

This ancient Egyptian faience scarab is an exceptionally beautiful specimen. It was originally green all over, but the sands of time have worn away the glaze. Even so, the original coloring can still be seen in the recesses of the carvings.

The scarab, or Egyptian pill-rolling beetle, has been an important amulet and symbol in ancient Egypt. The scarab was a symbol of life for the Egyptians and was dedicated to the sun god Ra. It has also played a significant role in ritual use. In funerals, the scarab was placed over the heart of the deceased, and on its back was often engraved a spell formula, begging the gods for immortality.

Symbol meaning

The scarab was seen in Egyptian mythology as a reflection of the sun god Ra and thus symbolized the rising of the sun, new beginnings and continuity. The symbolism of the scarab is related to rebirth, change and spiritual growth. Scarab amulets were often placed in burial chambers with the belief that they would help the deceased pass safely to another life and be reborn. The scarab also serves as a reminder of the cycle of life and constant change.

Ritual use

The use of scarabs in rituals can vary depending on your goals and personal preferences. Here are some ways you can integrate the scarab into your rituals:

  • Timeless Connection: Hold the amulet in your hand and envision it as a conduit carrying your thoughts across the ages and through millennia. Create a mental link with an unbroken chain of generations throughout human history, establishing your place within this continuum of time.
  • On an altar or holy place: place the scarab on your altar or holy place dedicated to spiritual practice. You can combine it with other symbols, crystals or objects that represent change and renewal for you.
  • Ritual use: you can include the scarab in your rituals, for example in initiation or closing ceremonies. Hold the scarab in your hand or place it on the altar when making affirmations or prayers about your intentions and goals.
  • Combine with Elements: You can combine the scarab with other elements such as incense, candles, or natural materials when performing rituals. This can amplify its impact and create a deeper connection.
  • Meditation and visualization: sit in a comfortable position and hold the scarab in your hand. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Imagine a scarab in your hand and let it symbolize change and a new beginning. Visualize how the energy of the scarab flows into you and strengthens your spiritual growth.
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