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Sulfur & Calcite, XL size, Philosopher's Stone

Sulfur & Calcite, XL size, Philosopher's Stone

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Sulfur & Calcite, XL size, Philosopher's Stone, single piece

Machów Quarry, Tarnobrzeg County, Lower Carpathian Voivodeship, Poland. Size approx. 100mm x 80mm x 57mm. Weight about 366g.

Sulfur (lat. sulphur, sulphur) is an element. It is a tasteless and odorless, yellow non-metal. In nature, sulfur occurs both as a free element and in various compounds. Sulfur is a free element in the soil of volcanic regions. Sulfur has also been used in the Finnish language with the old-fashioned name flint, because it ignites easily , producing sulfur dioxide with a pungent smell, "flint-like". Sulfur has been known since ancient times.

Symbol meaning

In alchemy, the trinity (tria prima) is the union of salt, sulfur and mercury. These substances are mixtures (also permutations) of the four basic elements; Water, Fire, Earth and Air/Sky. In alchemy, sulfur is depicted as a triangle with a cross underneath. It represents the soul of all materials and living beings. It also symbolizes awareness and expansion of thoughts. To the ancient alchemist, properties associated with sulfur included dryness, heat, masculinity, evaporation, expansion, and dissolution. Sulfur is considered a bridge that connects mind and body. It is also a powerful tool for opening the soul and consciousness. In Christianity, sulfur is traditionally associated with hell and the devil.

Ritual use

In witchcraft, sulfur is used to ward off negative people or energies and solve problems. It is also used to remove various curses, obstacles and magic, as well as in rituals related to fire, masculinity and saturn. Sulfur is also an effective ingredient in portable magic items and amulets.

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