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Rusty iron nails, 3 pcs

Rusty iron nails, 3 pcs

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Rusty iron nails, set of 3

Aged, rusted iron nails. About 38mm in size. Sold as a set (3 pieces).

Symbol meaning

Nails symbolize bringing things together, both good and bad. Iron is a very magical metal and the rust in it symbolizes blood and the color red. Nails are considered to protect the home and its inhabitants. The belief goes back to ancient Rome. Pliny the Elder advised hammering three iron nails into the top of the door frame to protect the house. In addition, iron nails were hammered into the inner walls of the houses to protect the inhabitants from, among other things, plague and bad luck. In medieval England, iron nails were nailed directly into the ground. The slow rusting of the nails in the damp soil was seen as a symbol of the slow healing of the disease. In the imagery of Christianity, three iron nails depict the crucifixion of Christ.

Ritual use

Placing three iron nails on an altar or carrying them around like an amulet is believed to protect the wearer from illness, suffering and misfortune.

It is recommended to buy the amount that best suits your desired purpose. Below are the meanings of numbers 1-10 according to the Pythagorean number symbolism:

  1. (Monad) the beginning of all that exists. Symbolizes unity, inspiration and beginnings.
  2. (Dyad) symbolizes opposites, dualism, the world of matter and choices.
  3. (Triad) is the uniting element of opposites and the number of spiritual development and growth. Represents growth and trinity.
  4. (Tetrad) the organized form of the atmospheric world. Symbolizes stability, order and structure.
  5. (Pentad) number of human perfection. Also depicts change and instability.
  6. (Hexadi) number of wisdom and intelligence. Symbolizes problem solving, adapting activities to match goals and communication.
  7. (Heptad) the number of development which combines the number 3 of growth and the number 4 of concrete manifestation. The number of reflection, evaluation and spirituality.
  8. (Ogdoadi) number of action, movement and achievement. Symbolizes action on a sure footing.
  9. (Ennead) is the number of inner growth and creativity. Symbolizes powerful and unrestricted expression, as well as the approach of graduation.
  10. (Decade) symbolizes completion, the end of a cycle and renewal. Unlimited eternal continuation.
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