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Pyrite - The soul of fire

Pyrite - The soul of fire

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Pyrite - The soul of fire

Elba, Italy

A single piece. I measure about 39mm x 36mm x 26mm. Weight about 85g.

The striking and unique piece of pyrite has clearly distinguishable crystals. Pyrite, pyrite or Katinkulta is iron sulfide. It is the most common of all sulfide minerals. The name pyrite used for pyrite is derived from the Greek word pyritēs (πυρίτης), which means "of fire" or "on fire". The name probably comes from the fact that pyrite sparks when struck against steel or flint. Pyrite has indeed been used, for example, in early firearms equipped with wheel locks. Pyrite is very easily mixed with marcasite, which has the same chemical composition, but its crystal structure is orthorhombic, unlike the cubic pyrite. Iron sulfides, both pyrite and marcasite, sometimes form spherical concretions. The concretions crystallize radially from the center directly towards the surface, and thus form beautiful balls. Pyrite is light golden yellow in color.

Symbol meaning

Imitating gold, pyrite reflects wealth, abundance and happiness. The bright and shimmering pyrite is said to symbolize especially fire and masculine energy. It is believed to promote physical well-being and protect the environment from harmful factors and physical dangers. Pyrite is also considered to improve concentration, bring inner strength and energy, and increase courage when needed.

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