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Ancient Egyptian poppy amulet, lapis lazuli - single piece

Ancient Egyptian poppy amulet, lapis lazuli - single piece

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Ancient Egyptian poppy amulet, lapis lazuli - (note small size)

  • Period: Ancient Egypt, 1570 - 1070 BC, New Kingdom
  • Material: lapis lazuli
  • Size: 1.5×0.6×0.6 cm
  • Condition: very good

This beautiful and graceful semi-precious object depicting a poppy seed pod was probably part of a larger piece of jewelry. Poppy ( Papaver somniferum ) was a very common motif in ancient Egypt and was used in jewelry and amulets made from various materials, from metals to gemstones and faience. Lapis lazuli is quite hard and difficult to work as a jewelry stone, so the poppy amulet on sale can be assumed to have belonged to the jewelry of wealthier people.

Symbol meaning

The poppy was associated with the myth of Osiris in Egyptian culture. According to the myth, Osiris was the god of agriculture. He died and was buried, but was later resurrected. Thus Osiris was not only the god of agriculture but also the god of death and the afterlife. This story symbolizes the cyclical changes of nature, especially the cycle of cultivation, where plants rise from the ground to grow and live again. Osiris was believed to be resting in his tomb, which was like a poppy flower, and this gave rise to the connection between the poppy and rebirth.

Poppy amulets were often part of funeral arrangements and related to life after death. They were placed on the graves of the deceased as protection and as an aid on the way to the afterlife. The poppy also symbolizes the border between sleep and waking, which added to its mystical meaning.

The poppy amulets represented a complex symbolism that combined the concepts of life, death and rebirth. They were part of Egyptian religion and culture and emphasized the connection between different stages of life and the quest to understand the deeper meanings of life.

Ritual use

The poppy amulet can be a powerful symbol when used in rituals. Here are a few ways you can utilize the poppy amulet in rituals:

  • Meditation and concentration: Use the poppy amulet in meditation or at the beginning of a ritual as an aid to concentration. Hold the amulet in your hands or place it in front of you and focus on its symbolism and meaning. Imagine how the poppy amulet brings with you the energy of peace and rebirth.
  • Setting an intention: Before starting the ritual, you can hold the poppy amulet in your hands and set a certain intention or wish on it. Visualize how the symbolism of the poppy supports your goal and helps you achieve what you desire.
  • As a Ritual Item: Use the poppy amulet as part of the ritual elements. You can place it on the altar or carry it with you during the ritual. It can symbolize rebirth, change or spiritual growth that you want to strengthen with your ritual.
  • The connection between sleep and the world of dreams: Poppy is also connected to the world of dreams. You can use the poppy amulet before going to bed or during sleep. Keep the amulet on your bedside table or place it under your pillow and visualize how it helps you connect with the world of sleep and deepen your inner wisdom.
  • Rituals of rebirth and transformation: The poppy amulet can act as a powerful symbol in rituals of rebirth and transformation. Use it when you want to effectively channel the symbolism of the poppy and bring its power into the ritual.

When using the power of the poppy amulet in rituals, remember to create a ritual that feels meaningful and appropriate to you. This will help you connect the power of the amulet with your own intentions and needs during the ritual.

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