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Tamegroute ritual bowl, moss green

Tamegroute ritual bowl, moss green

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Tamegroute ritual bowl, moss green

The unique ritual bowls are excellently suitable for Semiphoras ritual salt and herb mixtures, incense, offering bowls, etc. Size approx. 150mm x 150mm x 60mm.

Tamegroute (also called Tamgrout) is a small village located in the valley of the Drâa river in southern Morocco, right next to the Sahara desert. Tamegroute is known above all for its ceramics of the same name. If you love rough, handmade and completely unique ritual bowls, Tamegroute is made for you. No two songs are alike. The sizes, colors and shapes of the dishes are attractively unpolished and reflect hundreds of years of local artisan traditions.

The unique manufacturing process of Tamegroute ceramics is passed down from generation to generation. Local potters raise clay from the banks of the Drâa river, which is shaped by hand using a dreja into plates, bowls and serving platters. After drying and before firing, the dishes are dipped in a secret glaze mixture that gives Tamegroute ceramics its characteristic, wonderful coloring glowing in shades of green and brown.

Note! Tamegroute ceramics are made by hand so everyone is their own unique individual. Because of this, colors and shapes may vary. The dishes may be dusty, patinated and have small surface and glass defects. Trust that the song you intuitively selected resonates best with your personal purpose.

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