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Flint - an ancient sacred stone

Flint - an ancient sacred stone

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Flint - an ancient sacred stone

Striped flint - tumbled
Stone diameter approx. 20-25mm

Flint is a cryptocrystalline form of the quartz mineral. During the Stone Age, flint was widely used for making stone tools and making fire. The use of flint in the manufacture of stone tools dates back over three million years. Flint is usually dark gray, black, green, white, or brown in color and has a glassy or waxy appearance.

Symbol meaning:

Flint has been sacred since the beginning of time. It is said to be a powerful balancer and purifier and to bring the support of the gods to one's endeavours. Flint has been used since time immemorial to escort the dead to the next world, as it is believed to invite guides and companions on the journey. Flint is a protective stone and is said to reduce nightmares.

Spiritually, flint is thought to sharpen the soul, cutting away all that is outdated and left behind. Flint is believed to create an anchor for shamanistic journeys in which the purpose is to identify one's own soul. It symbolizes deep masculinity, while also offering a strong connection to mother earth to connect with wise femininity and the power of the priestesses. The combination of flint and nummite has been used in some belief systems to ward off negative entities.


Ritual use:

Protective Ritual:


  • Flint
  • White candle and matches
  • Burner
  • Incense
  • Purified water and a glass
  • A small piece of paper and a pen


  • Choose a quiet place where you can be undisturbed.
  • Place the flint in the center of the altar or ritual place.
  • Light a white candle and place it near the flint.
  • Light the incense and let the smoke fill the space. (take care of ventilation) You can say words out loud or in your mind, calling for protection and strength.
  • Dip your finger in the purified water and then touch the flint, imagining that it absorbs all the negative energies.
  • Write a short message or wish related to protection and strength on a small piece of paper. Carefully fold the paper and place it under the flint.
  • Close your eyes and focus for a moment on breathing deeply. Visualize the light around you, creating a protective aura around the flint and yourself.
  • Say out loud or in your mind your gratitude to flint and protective forces.
  • You can regularly light a candle and incense and renew the ritual, and keep the flint in a visible place as a protective symbol.
  • Remember to keep the flint cleaned from time to time and charge it in sunlight or moonlight.

Customize the ritual to suit your needs and beliefs.

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