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Written tarot reading

Written tarot reading

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Written tarot reading

Tarot reading is an ancient method that uses symbol cards to ask questions and find answers in different areas of life. Let the reading lead you to this mystery, where the cards tell stories and open the door to self-knowledge and insights.

Service content:

  1. One question : Tell us about your life situation and condense it into one question for which you want clarification or guidance. Be careful in formulating the question, because the relevance of the answer depends on the clarity and conciseness of the question.
  2. Card table and reading : You will receive an image of the Tarot card table (2-3 card table), which is based on your question. The reading covers the meanings of the cards as well as application suggestions on your question.
  3. Written answer : You will receive the reading in writing by e-mail, about one A4 size. The reading is based on your question, and it deals with the themes conveyed by the cards in relation to your question.
  4. Tarot interpretation is done by : certified Tarot-Advisor Minna Kirsi



  • Not a prediction, but an intuitive interpretation: It is important to note that Tarot reading gives an intuitive answer based on the cards and does not predict the future. Instead, the reading offers hints and instructions for the present and possible future actions related to your question.
  • Important question formulation: Getting a relevant answer depends on careful formulation of the question. Prefer practical questions that help you move forward in your situation or gain further understanding. The question must be related to yourself and your own life. Favor questions that start with: how, how, what.


For example:

  • "How could I find a balance between work and personal life?"
  • "What should I understand about my current relationship situation?"
  • "What do the Tarot cards want to tell me about my career development?"
  • "What things should I stop or start to improve my well-being?"
  • "How can I find peace and inner balance in my life?"


What happens after purchase:

  1. You will receive an e-mail : You will receive an e-mail within a day of the purchase to open a conversation with Tarot-Advisor.
  2. Conversation with the Tarot advisor : After receiving the message, you can have a short email conversation with the interpreter, where you can ask your question and, if necessary, get help in formulating it.
  3. Interpretation : Tarot reading is typically done within the next 4-7 days and delivered to you by email.


Welcome to find answers and guidance with the help of Tarot cards!

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