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Black sage - big

Black sage - big

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Black sage - big

Length 22.5 cm
Country of origin: USA

Salvia mellifera (black sage) is a small, highly aromatic, evergreen shrub in the sage family and is native to California, USA and Baja California, Mexico. It is common in coastal scrub areas of southern California and northern Baja California. The coloring of black sage is dark after the flowering season, especially during drought.

Salvia mellifera, like other sage species, has historically been used in various rituals and ceremonies in different cultures around the world. Although salvia mellifera is not necessarily used as widely in rituals as, for example, white sage (Salvia apiana), it has a place especially in indigenous traditions. Salvia mellifera is a well-known and widely used plant among the indigenous peoples of Central America, especially in shamanism.

Sage has a strong, spicy scent that not everyone finds pleasant. That's why it's more of a ritual than a pleasant home scent. The black sage bundle is 22.5 cm long, which makes it easy to light and use. When the top of the bundle is lit and smoking, you can loosen the smoke with a feather or carry the bundle and spread the smoke around objects and people or to all corners of the room.

Symbol meaning:

Black sage's sacred smoke is believed to stimulate visions, change levels of consciousness, purify or sanctify spaces, and remove negative energies and evil spirits. Some studies claim that smoke even has antibacterial effects on room air.

Ritual use:

Sage is used, for example, in the following rituals:

  • Cleansing rituals : to cleanse the space of negative energy or the evil eye.
  • Sanctifying and blessing : for sanctifying and blessing premises, objects or people.
  • Meditation and spiritual exercises : in meditation or spiritual exercises to promote concentration and relaxation and to help find a spiritual connection.
  • Healing Rituals : in healing rituals that believe in its healing or protective properties.

Here is a simple sample ritual using black sage:

Subjects and purpose:

  • This ritual is intended to cleanse the space of negative energy, create a calm and positive atmosphere, and maintain mental well-being.


Ritual flow:

  • Preparation:
    • Choose a calm and quiet place to perform the ritual. If you want, you can create a sacred space by placing candles, crystals or other spiritual accessories around you.
    • At this point, focus on what you want to achieve with the ritual and ask for protection and guidance from higher forces.
  • Start the ritual:
    • Light the sage bundle carefully from one end. Let it burn for a while until it starts to smoke. Gently blow away the flames so that the sage smolders and produces smoke.
  • Use of smoke
    • Take a bunch of smoky sage and walk calmly around the room or space you want to cleanse. Pay special attention to corners, around doors and windows, and other areas where negative energy is thought to accumulate.
    • Focus on positive thoughts and let the smoke fill the space with clean and calming energy. At the same time, you can recite calming words or prayers that are meaningful to you.
  • Acknowledgments and Closing:
    • When you have gone around the space and feel that the ritual has served its purpose, gently extinguish the sage with water or sand.
    • Thank the higher forces and let go of the ritual consciously and gratefully.
Rituals are personal and can be modified according to your own beliefs and needs. Modify the ritual to match your own spiritual goals and use it in a way that feels right for you.
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