PURIFICO - purification

Purifico represents the initial stage of the ritual and development process. It entails becoming aware of the need for change, dismantling old dysfunctional structures, and ritually cleansing oneself from them. In the Purifico phase, the role of rituals is to facilitate detachment from the old and create space for the future. Throughout history, objects and materials similar to Purifico products have played essential roles in various cleansing rituals.

Remember that the primary purpose of the Purifico phase rituals is, above all, to achieve mental and emotional balance and establish a deeper connection. By concentrating on your intention and allowing yourself the time to be fully present in the process, you can harness the full power of these rituals.

For more information about rituals, please refer to the 'About Rituals' section. You can also participate in Semiphoras courses or schedule an appointment for personalized guidance.

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