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Meteorite - Sahara, M size - Gods' Message Stone

Meteorite - Sahara, M size - Gods' Message Stone

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Meteorite - Sahara, size M, single piece

A meteorite is a stone that fell to the earth's surface from space, i.e. an asteroid, part of an asteroid, a comet or a large meteoroid. Meteorites are classified according to their composition into one of three main types: stone, iron and stone-iron meteorites. Meteorites fall fairly evenly all over the Earth. As a result, more than 60 percent of them fall into the sea, where they are never found. Most meteorites have been found in Antarctic glaciers and desert wastelands. In the desert, meteorites cannot be broken up by water, and they are also easy to spot.

The genuine and very beautiful meteorite is approximately 50mm - 65mm and weigh about 108g.

Symbol meaning

Throughout the ages, meteorites have been considered sacred stones in many different cultures and have been considered to have supernatural powers. To the ancient Egyptians, meteorites were gifts from the gods, containing an element associated with royal and divine power, iron. The ancient Greeks and Romans regarded meteorites as sacred stones and placed pieces of them on altars and in their most important temples. In the original Hawaiian language, the meteorite has had no less than five different names. For example, "flying god" (akualele) and "flying star" (hokulele) tell about the importance of meteorites in the traditional mythologies of the native population. The Clackamas, a Native American people who lived in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, before settlers arrived, believed that the Tomanowos, a Willamette meteorite that struck the area during the Ice Age, was a gift from the "Heavenly People" to the Clackamas. Tomanowos represented the sacred union of earth, sky and water. The name of the meteorite "Tomanowos" means "visitor from the sky". The Clackamas used to dip their hands and spearheads in the water that collected in the meteorite's many crevices to receive a blessing from this mysterious visitor.

Ritual use

Meteorites offer a tangible connection to the infinite universe beyond our own little planet. Meteorites are considered to channel the infinite energy of the universe and help us better understand the purpose of our own existence. Since meteorites originate from outer space, they are said to enhance our connection to the universe. Meteorites are believed to be connected to the elements of earth and fire. They are considered to get their power directly from the sun and thus radiate positive energy, warmth and courage. Using meteorites as part of meditation has been said to help activate psychic abilities and clairvoyance.

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