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Petrified Tree – Guardian of the Soul

Petrified Tree – Guardian of the Soul

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Petrified Tree – Guardian of the Soul

Tumbled, ca 20mm in size.

Petrified wood is not literally wood that has turned to stone, but is formed when wood is quickly covered in fine-grained sediments. Water containing minerals carries away the organic material of the wood, and little by little the wood material is replaced by mineral material. This phenomenon is called quartz pseudomorphosis of wood, and it is a very slow process. Only the external structure and shape of the wood is preserved. Petrified trees are real witnesses of the ages, helping us understand the complexity of Earth's history.

Symbol meaning

The power of petrified wood is based on its ancient wisdom and long service on our planet. It helps to feel at home on earth. A petrified tree reminds you that you are much more than just a soul trapped in the world of matter. It tells us that there will come a day when we will take on a new form again, but before then we have work to do here in our earthly home. A petrified tree is believed to support the soul during its growth challenges and trials and reveal its true gifts and abilities. Under the protection of this stone, one can walk surrounded by the love of life, respecting the wisdom of the past. Use petrified wood to fulfill your deepest potential. It is well suited as a supporter for the elderly. Petrified wood is said to be particularly suitable for archaeologists, historians and librarians.

Ritual use

Petrified wood can be used as an amulet, placed around oneself or on the body and used in a crystal grid. You can also make sprayable crystal water by putting petrified wood in a spray bottle. Water can be sprayed into the aura and the space where you are staying.

Power Ritual of Petrified Wood


  • Petrified wood
  • Candle and matches
  • A wooden or stone altar
  • Incense
  • Green plant or flower (symbolizing life and growth)

Ritual Steps:

  • Preparation : Find a quiet place where you can perform the ritual undisturbed. Place the accessories in front of you in a beautiful order.
  • Concentration : Sit comfortably and take several deep breaths, concentrating on the breath. Call the energy of the ritual and the power of the petrified wood into you. Imagine its strong and permanent energy in you and around you.
  • Creating an altar : Build a small altar from natural materials. Place the petrified tree and a green plant or flower on the altar.
  • Lighting a candle : Light a candle and focus on its flame for a moment. Imagine the flame representing the energy and light of life. Light the incense with a candle flame and purify the space or area with the smoke.
  • Grounding : Take the petrified tree in your hand and feel its weight. Imagine it connecting you to the earth and giving you a solid foundation. Focus on the energy of the earth and the power of the petrified wood recorded in its patterns. Hold your hands around a green plant or flower for a moment, feeling its living power and let the power soak into you.
  • Setting intentions : Think for a moment about what you want to achieve or what qualities you want to strengthen in yourself, inspired by the power of petrified wood. Set intentions that reflect permanence, strength and acceptance of change.
  • Conclusion : When you are finished, thank the energies of the petrified tree and the living plant, the power of the earth and all those "present" for the ritual. Blow out the candle

Remember that the ritual is personal and you can modify it according to your needs.

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