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Ishtar - soul contract crystal grid, limited edition

Ishtar - soul contract crystal grid, limited edition

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Ishtar - soul contract crystal grid, limited edition

(the products in the picture are sample pieces):

The Ishtar crystal grid consists of raw pieces of four minerals: lapis lazuli, dumortierite, Chevron amethyst, blue onyx.

Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, was the most important goddess of Mesopotamia throughout the history of the Land of the Twin Streams. In the Egyptian and Assyrian regions, Ishtar was considered the goddess of war and battle, but above all she was the goddess of femininity, beauty, love and fertility. She was also the goddess of Venus, rain and thunderstorms. Ishtar, along with the sun god Shamash and the moon god Sin, was one of the trinity of star gods. Ishtar's symbols were a lion and a star drawn inside a circle with 6, 8 or 16 points. Because of her strong sexuality, Ishtar has been considered especially the protector of prostitutes.

The stones were planted in the light of the Vesak full moon in May 2023, when, exceptionally, a lunar eclipse was also combined at the same moment. The next similar lunar eclipse will be in 2042. The four types of stones in the crystal group have been selected in a deep meditative state using ritual work.

  • Lapis lazuli has traditionally been a valued gemstone and pigment in painting. Its blue color is intense and deep, and can vary from light blue to dark blue, often decorated with golden pyrite dots.
  • Dumortierite is often blue, gray or brown and its color is due to iron and manganese ions.
  • Chevron amethyst is a special variant of amethyst where v-shaped "chevron" patterns occur in the amethyst crystals. Chevron patterns are formed when the growth direction of the quartz crystal changes several times.
  • Blue onyx is a variant of onyx known for its blue coloring and beautiful patterns. Its color can vary from light blue to dark blue, and it can also have other colors such as white or brown.

Symbol meaning:

Symbolic purposes of the Grid: mental/spiritual development, connection to higher powers and inner wisdom, wholeness, healing.

Symbolic meanings of crystals detailed:

  • Lapis lazuli: supports psychic abilities, facilitates the spiritual journey and activates spiritual power, helps release stress and brings deep peace, stimulates higher mental abilities
  • Dumortieri rite: makes you more receptive to angels and spirit guides, helps you see the archetypal eternal part of yourself, connects you with inner wisdom, takes you to examine your own soul contracts and helps to promote them
  • Chevron Amethyst: Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It enhances inner intuitive vision and is one of the best third eye activators.
  • Blue onyx attunes to the same vibrational level with a higher power, useful in working past life wounds, can be used to heal old hurts and sorrows, brings energy from the universe needed for healing purposes

The number of stones four (tetrad) symbolizes the organized form of the celestial world, as well as stability, order and structure.

Ritual use

The four crystals in the grid are designed to be used together to create a strong symbolic energy field. They can be placed, for example, in the four corners of the altar to represent the four directions in the world and to anchor the altar with the energy symbolized by crystals. They can be placed in the four corners of a room, apartment or building, thus anchoring the entire space. You can also place the stones around yourself in a square, thus forming a symbolic energy field for rituals or your own grounding. In sleep study, crystals can be placed in the four corners of the bed.

Note! Crystals are natural products, so each stone is unique and their colors, shapes and brightness vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the stones selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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