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Iolite, vision stone - tumbled

Iolite, vision stone - tumbled

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Iolite, vision stone - tumbled, sold by the piece

size: diameter 20-25mm

Iolite is a magnesium aluminosilicate mineral and has a deep blue/purple color. Iolite or Cordierite, discovered in 1813 in samples from Níjar, Almería, Spain, is named after the French geologist Louis Cordier. The name "iolite" comes from the Greek word violet. Another old name "dichroite" is a Greek word meaning "two-colored stone", referring to cordierite's strong pleochroism.

Symbol meaning

Iolite is a vision stone and it creates a connection with intuition. It activates the 'third eye' and has been used in shamanic ceremonies. According to legend, iolite slices were used by the Vikings to reduce glare when looking at the sun to determine their position.

Iolite is said to promote the understanding of the causes of addictions and freedom from addictions. It is thought to help bring out the true Self, free from the expectations of those around. Iolite is also believed to encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and thus help you overcome codependency in a relationship.

Ritual use

Iolite can be used on the altar to symbolize and manifest things according to its symbolic meaning, or you can attach your own personal meanings to the stone. You can carry the stone with you like an amulet, to remind you of your aspirations and the things it represents. With several iolites, you can build a crystal grid in the space, around the altar or for other ritual use.

An example ritual using iolite:

Here's a simple meditation designed to promote mental clarity and intuition. Before you start, make sure you are in a quiet environment and have time to focus.


  • Choose a quiet place where you can sit comfortably.
  • Hold the iolite in your hand and examine it carefully. Notice its colors, shapes and surface feel.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out to relax yourself.

Focus your attention on iolite:

  • Hold iolite in your hand and observe its energy. Imagine its energy flowing into your hands.

Begin meditation:

  • Imagine sitting in a peaceful garden surrounded by beautiful nature and flowering plants. The sun shines from a clear sky.
  • Let yourself relax and take a deep breath of the scent of clean air.
  • Imagine how the energy of iolite surrounds you, creating a protective and clarifying light around you.

Activate your intuition:

  • Focus on the area of ​​your heart and imagine a small light turning on there. This light represents your intuition.
  • Allow the light to slowly grow and expand throughout your body, imagining it filling every cell of your body.

Questions and answers:

  • When you are deep in meditation, you can ask the question that you want to get clarity on.
  • Be open to the answers and observe what thoughts or feelings arise.

Thank you and closing:

  • When you're done, thank the iolite and your intuition.
  • Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

This meditation can help you open up to your intuition and increase your mental clarity. Remember that each experience is unique, so be open to what this meditation using iolite has to offer.

Note! Crystals and minerals are natural products, so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors, shapes and brightness may vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the stones selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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