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Fuchsite - Fairy stone

Fuchsite - Fairy stone

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Fuchsite - Fairy stone


A single piece. Size approx 54mm x 40mm x 17mm. Weight approx. 54g.

A beautiful, small fuchsite nugget sparkles in greenish silver. Fuchsite is a mica mineral. Fuchsite, i.e. chrome mica, is a modification of muscovite, where chromium has replaced part of the aluminum in muscovite. The chromium in the mineral creates a beautiful green color. Fuchsite also forms an isomorphic alloy series with muscovite. Fuchsite is also behind the green color of aventurine quartz. It occurs in stone as small light-reflecting inclusions. Fuchsite fluoresces pale green under ultraviolet light. The mineral is rarely found in nature and only in small amounts. It is named after the famous German chemist, Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs.

Symbol meaning

Fuchsite, also known as the stone of the fairies, is said to be a stone of inexhaustible joy, happiness and balance. Its soft greenish color and shimmering glitter have been considered to represent the awesome power of spring and awakening nature. For this reason, it is considered a stone of the earth element and a metaphor for nature. It is also a stone of rebirth, life cycle and transformation. Fuchsite is also a heart chakra stone.

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