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Fossil bivalve "Inoceramus"

Fossil bivalve "Inoceramus"

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Early Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous period c. 189 - 66 million years ago, Sauerland, Germany, private collection from Netherlands.

Inoceramus is an extict genus of fossil marine pteriomorphian bivalves. They lived from the Early Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous period. Large, diverse groups of Inoceramids lived in shallow waters and were epifaunal, covering the muddy seafloor like carpet. Inoceramus had a distinctive shell; it is large, thick, and wrinkled in a concentric fashion, making identification relatively simple. The many pits at the dorsal region were the anchoring points for the ligaments that closed the shell.

Gorgeous Inoceramus fossil are in good shape. Age-related wear, cracks. Dirt and dust. Size c. 12,4cm x 10,5cm x 7,7cm. Weight c. 1234g.

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