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Fossil "Serpulidae"

Fossil "Serpulidae"

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Early Cretaceous, c. 145 - 100.5 million years ago, England, from a private collection in the Netherlands.

Tubeworms (Serpulidae) are a family of marine invertebrates belonging to the roundworms. They build themselves a tube-shaped limestone shell. At the end of the tube there are fan-like protrusions with which they filter plankton for food. When danger threatens, the tube worm retreats into its tube. The structure of the fan worms (Sabellidae) is similar, but their tube is softer. Tubeworms are common in marine areas where the water level varies with the tides, as they need moderate currents to bring plankton within their reach. Some tubeworm species live on coral reefs in symbiosis with a certain stony coral species.

An attractive sedimentary boulder with a beautiful tubeworm shell and mussel shell fragments. In excellent condition. Light age-related wear. Great light yellow patina. Dirt and dust. The size of the sediment block is about 6.2cm x 6.1cm x 3.4cm. Weight approx. 100g.

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