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Fossil "Inoceramus concentricus"

Fossil "Inoceramus concentricus"

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Early Cretaceous epoch, Albian stage, 113,5 - 100,5 million years ago, Wissant, France, private collection from Netherlands

Inoceramidae is an extinct family of clam-like bivalves. Fossils of inoceramids are found in marine sediments of Permian to latest Cretaceous in age. Inoceramids tended to live in upper bathyal and neritic environments. Shells are elongated and almost all inoceramids are smooth, but with various shapes. Due to their abundance during the Late Cretaceous, they likely were an important food source for many sea animals..

Fascinating small sediment cluster with beautiful inoceramid bivalve fossils. Good condition. Age-related wear, cracks and small fractures. Size of the sediment c. 12,8cm x 10,7cm x 0,5cm. Fossils c. 5,8cm x 0,8cm.

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