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Fossil "Gastropoda"

Fossil "Gastropoda"

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Eocene epoch, 60-45 million years ago, Wissant, France, private collection from Netherlands. 

The class Gastropoda contains a vast total of named species, second only to the insects in overall number. The fossil history of this class goes back to the Late Cambrian. As of 2017, 721 families of gastropods are known, of which 245 are extinct and appear only in the fossil record, while 476 are currently extant with or without a fossil record. 

Unknown species of gastropod fossil and fragments in a sediment cluster. Age-related wear, fractures and cracks. Repaired. Dirt and dust. Ex-museum sample. Size of the sediment c. 19,0cm x 7,0cm x 4,2cm and the gastropoda c. 5,7cm x 3,5cm. Total weight c. 602g.

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