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Fluorite octahedron, stone of balance and harmony

Fluorite octahedron, stone of balance and harmony

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Fluorite octahedron

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. It crystallizes in a cubic form, although octahedral and more complex isometric forms are not uncommon. Stone size approx. 22mm - 28 mm. Sold by the piece. The products in the picture are sample pieces.

Symbol meaning

Fluorite is a very protective and harmonizing stone. It removes negative energies and stressors, cleansing and reorganizing everything in the body that is out of balance. Psychologically, Fluorite helps break down rigid behavior patterns and gently opens the door to the subconscious. The octahedron is one of the five "Platonic solids", which the ancient Greeks called the "five perfect forms", considering them the basic parts of life. It symbolizes harmony and balance in life and the environment. In some spiritual traditions, the octahedron represents different levels of consciousness, and it is said to help expand consciousness. The octahedron symbolizes air and complete manifestation.

Fluorite can be found in different colors: clear, green, blue, yellow and purple. Color symbolism:

  • bright creates harmony between intellect and spirit
  • blue helps in awakening spirituality, increases creative thinking and clear communication
  • green grounds excess energy, dispels emotional traumas, brings information from the subconscious and creates a living connection with intuition
  • violet is an excellent meditation stone that brings common sense to the aid of spirituality
  • yellow enhances creativity and stabilizes group energy. It is especially useful in collaborative efforts.

Ritual use

Fluorite octahedrons can be used on an altar, as a portable amulet to remind you of your aspirations, as a meditation aid to focus your thoughts, as part of a crystal-grid ensemble or a sacred geometry pattern, etc.

It is recommended to buy the amount that best suits your desired purpose. Below are the meanings of numbers 1-10 according to the Pythagorean number symbolism:

  1. (Monad) the beginning of all that exists. Symbolizes unity, inspiration and beginnings.
  2. (Dyad) symbolizes opposites, dualism, the world of matter and choices.
  3. (Triad) is the uniting element of opposites and the number of spiritual development and growth. Represents growth and trinity.
  4. (Tetrad) the organized form of the atmospheric world. Symbolizes stability, order and structure.
  5. (Pentad) describes the process of human perfection. Also depicts change and instability.
  6. (Hexadi) number of wisdom and intelligence. Symbolizes problem solving, adapting activities to match goals and communication.
  7. (Heptad) the number of development which combines the number 3 of growth and the number 4 of concrete manifestation. The number of reflection, evaluation and spirituality / spirituality.
  8. (Ogdoadi) number of action, movement and achievement. Symbolizes action on a sure footing.
  9. (Ennead) is the number of inner growth and creativity. Symbolizes powerful and unrestricted expression, as well as the approach of graduation.
  10. (Decade) symbolizes completion, the end of a cycle and renewal. Unlimited, eternal continuation.

Note! Crystals and minerals are natural products, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors, shapes and brightness may vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the stones selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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