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Gong - Metal alloy

Gong - Metal alloy

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Gong - Metal alloy, single piece

Mid 20th century, China or India, size approx 200mm x 200mm x 110mm.

A soft, low and short-lasting sound. Later suspension cord. The gong comes with a wooden mallet covered in leather, which is a modern design.

A gong is a circular, idiophonic percussion instrument made of metal, with the edge of the plate-like body usually folded downwards. Often, gongs are played by hitting it on the center stages of the plate with a mallet covered in felt, leather or rubber. In this case, a sound corresponding to the characteristics of the Gong is created, which can have a certain recognizable pitch or which can have a wide spectrum of pitch. Gongs usually have a shallow or deep border, but there are also borderless gongs. Gongs are made with or without a central hump. The first Gongs are known to have been Chinese and made of bronze.

Note! This elderly Gongi is a single piece that has been used diligently. It has strong age-related wear, rust and oxidation.

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