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Bronze buttons

Bronze buttons

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Bronze buttons

Central Europe, 15th-19th century. About 10mm to 20mm in size. Bronze buttons are sold individually. The products in the picture are sample pieces.

Symbol meaning

The button is a symbol of connection, opening, closing, solution and balance. Just as the buttons fasten the pieces of Tekstil to each other, they also symbolize our need to connect with other people, nature and the whole surrounding world. Since buttons are found in most of the clothes we wear, they also symbolize the power we have over ourselves, our minds and our bodies. Buttons also limit us from others. Do we want to open or close ourselves? They remind us that we have the opportunity to free ourselves from the burden of our past and move forward. Buttons represent our ability to control our own emotions and the things that happen around us. Most of the buttons are in the shape of a circle, which again can be seen as a metaphor for repetition, cycle and routines.

Ritual use

Buttons have traditionally been used as talismans to protect against witchcraft, the evil eye, malicious spirits, and to bring strength and luck. Buttons have been sewn onto clothes as well as other everyday items, because they are believed to act as a physical barrier against negative forces. Buttons are believed to keep evil spirits out of the wearer's body.

It is recommended to buy the amount that best suits your desired purpose. Below are the meanings of numbers 1-10 according to the Pythagorean number symbolism:

  1. (Monad) the beginning of all that exists. Symbolizes unity, inspiration and beginnings.
  2. (Dyad) symbolizes opposites, dualism, the world of matter and choices.
  3. (Triad) is the uniting element of opposites and the number of spiritual development and growth. Represents growth and trinity.
  4. (Tetrad) the organized form of the atmospheric world. Symbolizes stability, order and structure.
  5. (Pentad) describes the process of human perfection. Also depicts change and instability.
  6. (Hexadi) number of wisdom and intelligence. Symbolizes problem solving, adapting activities to match goals and communication.
  7. (Heptad) the number of development that combines the number 3 of growth and the number 4 of concrete manifestation. The number of reflection, evaluation and spirituality / spirituality.
  8. (Ogdoadi) number of action, movement and achievement. Symbolizes action on a sure footing.
  9. (Ennead) is the number of inner growth and creativity. Symbolizes powerful and unrestricted expression, as well as the approach of graduation.
  10. (Decade) symbolizes completion, the end of a cycle and renewal. Unlimited, eternal continuation.

Note! The bronze buttons in question are hundreds of years old, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors, shapes and condition may vary. Trust that the pieces selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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