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Ceremonial Dagger - Phurba

Ceremonial Dagger - Phurba

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Ceremonial Dagger - Phurba, single piece

Wood and metal, Nepal, 20th century. About my size 300mm x 27mm.

The ritual dagger carved from wood is called Phurba (also called Phurpu, Bhurbu, Phurpa). In Sanskrit, its name (kīla) means nail, wedge, anchor. The phurba is an important ritual object, one of the shaman's most important and powerful tools to fight against negative and malevolent forces. Phurbat is particularly associated with Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism), the Tibetan Bön religion, and the Vedic traditions of Hinduism.

Symbol meaning

Phurban is believed to be "charged" with an energy that is at once fierce, angry and penetrating, but also grounding, nailing and binding. If the kīla is used in exorcism rituals, its purpose is to keep demons and tulpa (a creature or object created by the subconscious or spiritual force) in place, nailed in place (after these have been exorcised from the person) and thus facilitate their transmission. Phurbats are used by shamans as tools for healing, maintaining harmony and transferring energy. Phurban's triangular blade symbolizes cutting, severing, or crossing the "three poisons" or "three root poisons" (Sanskrit: Mula klesha). They are ignorance, lust and anger. The blade also reflects the control of the past, present and future and the ability to transcend these three concepts of time.

Note! Phurba is a single piece that has been in heavy use. There are minor surface defects, soot, dents and wear.

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