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Bracelet with magical Swarovski crystals and a compass star

Bracelet with magical Swarovski crystals and a compass star

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Bracelet with Swarovski crystals and a star

Circumference: adjustable 16-21cm

Stylish design and perfect fit

This elegant bracelet is decorated with beautiful purple Swarovski crystals and a golden compass star shaped amulet. The bracelet chain is made of 24k gold-plated stainless steel and is secured with a parrot clasp. The adjustable chain ensures a perfect fit.

Luxurious decorations

The bracelet's embellishments, including purple Swarovski crystals and 24k gold-plated Heishi beads, add to the elegance. The small crystals change color according to the light, which makes the bracelet an attractive piece of jewelry for its wearer.


Symbol meaning

The symbolic meaning of the star

Stars have been used as an aid in navigation and orientation, especially at sea. Thus, the stars are thought to guide and give direction on the journey of life. Stars are also considered symbols of hope. The idea of ​​wishing upon a star embodies the belief that dreams can come true. The star represents light in the darkness, symbolizing hope, inspiration and awareness. Bringing light to difficult and dark times. In many religions, stars are considered divine signs or messengers.

Compass Star Symbolism

The compass star (8-pointed star) symbolizes guidance and direction. It is commonly associated with navigation and orientation, helping people find their way and stay on the right path. Compass star is also often used to symbolize safety and protection, especially when traveling or at sea. The compass star has eight directions, representing the four cardinal directions and the four ordinal directions. These eight directions represent balance and a harmonious life. The compass star connects different directions and helps find balance in different areas of life.


Water resistance

This bracelet is water resistant, but it is recommended to dry it immediately after exposure to preserve the brilliance of the jewelry for a long time.

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