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Baryte - transformation stone

Baryte - transformation stone

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Baryte, single piece

Baryte, or heavy shale, is a sulfate mineral that is chemically barium sulfate. The name baryte is derived from the ancient Greek word for heavy (βαρύς), which refers to the unusual weight of the non-metallic mineral. Dozens of thin, schist-like barite crystals in a wonderful piece. A very beautiful blue-gray shade. Red-brown sediment (e.g. limonite) between the clear, glassy crystals. Size approx. 70mm x 42mm x 40mm. Weight about 128g.

Symbol meaning

Baryte symbolizes trust, hope, survival and creativity. Baryte is believed to promote mind-body connection. It is also considered to have other properties that promote well-being. It is said to strengthen intuition and sleep and help overcome shyness. Baryte is also believed to balance the entire chakra system and is a potent catalyst for transformation. It can trigger catharsis, releasing old emotional patterns, obsessions, and fears—a process best undertaken with the guidance of a trained therapist.

Ritual use

Baryte is meant to be placed on the altar. The mineral can also be carried around like an amulet or placed under a pillow to work on the subconscious during sleep. The stone is especially useful as a meditation tool placed on the altar.

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