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Gold weight - Tortoise

Gold weight - Tortoise

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Gold Weight - Tortoise, single piece

Bronze alloy, Ashanti, Ghana, 20th century, size approx 55mm x 42mm x 9mm

Gold weights (known as mrammou) are scales skillfully cast from bronze, to which the weight of the gold dust to be weighed was compared using a balance scale in trade. Until the end of the 19th century, gold (pig) was the traditional currency of the Ashanti, Fante, Baule and other Akan peoples of Ghana. A man's position was weighed according to the number of gold weights. The valuation increased significantly if he had a complete set of weights. This was used to be given to the groom as a wedding gift. The scales ensured that the man could trade honorably and successfully. Skillfully produced, small-scale gold prints depicted meaningful symbols, plants, animals and people.

Wax casting (cire perdue in French) or "disappearing wax" is a mold manufacturing method. In it, wax is molded into the model of an amulet or a desired object. A fireproof mold is made from clay around this. The wax model is removed by melting or burning. The empty space created in the mold is filled with bronze. The mold is broken and a completely unique piece is obtained.

Symbol meaning

The symbolic meaning of the turtle varies between different cultures and beliefs. The turtle is often a symbol of longevity and endurance. They are also associated with wisdom, patience and perseverance. Turtles can teach us to wait for the right moment and move forward one step at a time. In some beliefs, the turtle carries the world under its shell or its back is like a world map. This is symbolically related to maintaining the foundation or balance of the world.

The tortoise's hard shield provides physical protection, and this can be symbolically reflected in spiritual protection as well. A shield can be a symbol of a safe place or a home. A turtle can represent security and the opportunity to start a new chapter in life. Since the turtle lives both on land and in water, it symbolizes the connection to the different elements and the diversity of nature.

Ritual use

A gold weight as an amulet can be a powerful symbol when used in ritual or spiritual practice. Here are a few ways you can use it in rituals:

  • Centering your consciousness: You can use a gold weight in meditation or at the beginning of a ritual as a centering aid. Hold it in your hands or place it in front of you and focus on its symbolism and meaning. This will help calm your mind and deepen the meditative state.
  • Setting an intention: Before starting the ritual, you can hold a gold weight in your hands and set a certain intention or wish on it. Visualize how its power and symbolism reinforce your goal.
  • Channeling power: A gold weight can act as a symbol of power. Use it in rituals where you wish to channel its qualities such as protection, growth and transformation. You can hold the amulet in your hands or place it on the altar while you perform the ritual.
  • As a ritual object: A gold weight can be a ritual object that you use as part of certain ceremonies or celebrations. You can carry it with you, make it into an amulet worn around your neck, or place it on the altar to emphasize the theme of the ritual.
  • A reminder of your spiritual journey: A gold print can also serve as a reminder of your spiritual journey and growth. You can use it daily or whenever needed to remind yourself that you are in constant development and transformation.

When using the power of the gold weight in rituals, remember to create a ritual that feels natural and meaningful to you. This will help you connect the amulet's power to your own purposes and needs.

Note! Skillfully cast from bronze, the amulets are handmade and have been used diligently, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors and shapes may vary. Amulets may be dusty, patinated and may have small surface defects. 

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