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Roman rooster amulet 100-300 AD - A symbol of strength and courage.

Roman rooster amulet 100-300 AD - A symbol of strength and courage.

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Roman rooster amulet

Culture: Ancient Rome
Material: bronze, traces of silver plating
Length: approx. 38 mm
Period: 1.-3. century share.

The rooster was a popular symbol in the Roman Empire. Roosters were a part of everyday life, and their crowing signified the beginning of each new day. The rooster was closely associated with the messenger god, Mercury, and was also carefully observed by priests and augurs because their behavior was believed to provide omens. As a result, roosters could also be linked to divine guidance and good fortune. Bronze statues and figurines were widely popular throughout the Roman Empire, typically taking the form of gods, goddesses, and animals. These statues could be found in private homes or placed in temples as sacrificial offerings

Symbol meaning

The rooster has been a prominent symbol in many cultures, and its symbolism has evolved over the centuries. In ancient Rome, the rooster was associated with the sun god Sol. The crowing of the rooster at sunrise was interpreted as the rising of the sun and the beginning of a new day. The rooster was a symbol of strength and courage and was associated with the Roman legion.

Rooster has been considered a symbol of light and goodness and they have been popular sacrifices in many different religions throughout history. In many cultures, the rooster is considered sacred and believed to ward off evil. Roosters have been considered a bird of omen, representing both good luck, death and evil, and have been used for divination. The rooster is also a symbol of fertility. During the era of the witch hunts, witches were believed to sacrifice roosters as an insult to god, because roosters represented god, light and goodness, everything that the legions of evil hated. In Japan, the rooster is considered a symbol of good luck and the crowing of the rooster is interpreted as bringing good luck. The rooster is also one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Ritual use

The rooster amulet can be used on the altar, as a portable amulet, as part of a crystal grid and as a meditation guide. You can also use it as part of a ritual, below is one suggestion for such.

An example of a ritual of strength and new beginnings using a rooster amulet:

You will need:

  • Rooster amulet
  • A peaceful and sacred space
  • 4 candles (red, yellow, blue, green)
  • Incense sticks or incense sticks
  • Salt water (water and salt mixed)
  • Prepare a prayer scroll on which you have written your intention, mantra, prayer or what you are manifesting
  • Calm background music

 Do this:

  • Prepare for the ritual by choosing a quiet and sacred space. You can place four candles in a circle and light them. The candles represent the four air directions and the four elements (fire, earth, air, water).
  • Light incense sticks or incense sticks to purify the space and create a sacred atmosphere.
  • Place the rooster amulet on the altar or ritual platform in the center of the four candles.
  • Dip your finger in the salt water and then sprinkle the drops of water on the rooster amulet, saying something like: "I cleanse you with this salt water as a symbol of strength and a new beginning."
  • Focus on the rooster amulet for a moment and take a deep breath. Imagine its power and courage flowing into you.
  • Open the prayer scroll and read the mantra or prayer you wrote there that is related to strength, courage and a new beginning.
  • Listen to calm background music and let yourself sink into a meditative state.
  • Focus on what you want to achieve with strength and a new beginning. Imagine the change and growth of your life and feel the new life within you.
  • Finally, say thank you. You can close the ritual by saying, for example: "Thank you for the strength and a new beginning."
  • Extinguish candles and incense.

This ritual is designed to empower and encourage new beginnings. Remember to keep the ritual personal and feel connected to the symbol and its meaning. Ritual can help you focus and create a sacred space in your own life.

Note! The ovoid objects sold by Semiphoras are hundreds or thousands of years old, so their condition and appearance can vary greatly. The items may have age-related defects, such as wear, cracks, splits, dust, dirt, etc.

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