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Amethyst sphere - past and future as one

Amethyst sphere - past and future as one

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Amethyst Sphere - past and future as one

Diameter approx. 25mm.

Amethyst is a mineral formed from quartz crystals with a beautiful purplish purple color. It is one of the most famous and valued stones of the quartz group. Amethyst has been used for thousands of years in jewelry, ornaments, and for spiritual purposes.

Symbol meaning:

Amethyst is considered an extremely powerful and protective stone and is thought to have a high spiritual vibrational frequency. It transforms negative energies into love. Its calm nature helps to reach higher levels of consciousness. When meditating, it takes thoughts from everyday things to peace, harmony, deeper understanding and opens the way to other dimensions. It is one of the most spiritual stones. Amethyst is the crown chakra stone.

The symbolism of the sphere shape

The shape of the sphere has many symbolic meanings in different cultures and contexts. In general, the sphere symbolizes wholeness, perfection and harmony. Its round shape suggests continuity, eternal movement and cyclicality, making it a symbol of timelessness and eternity. The sphere also represents unity and balance, as each point is equidistant from the center.

In many cultures and philosophical traditions, the sphere has been used to symbolize the soul or spirit. The sphere can be seen to reflect the sacred and limitless nature of the soul. Its symmetrical shape reflects the eternal existence of the soul.

The spherical shape of the crystals is also believed to radiate energy evenly in all directions. This form is thought to act as a time-opening window into the past or future, moving energy through time and offering a glimpse of what is to come or what has been. Looking into the crystal sphere has long been one way to utilize this symbolism and to seek contact with higher dimensions or to get intuitive information about the past or the future.

Ritual use:

The amethyst sphere can be used on the altar, as a portable amulet, as a meditation aid or as part of a crystal grid, for example. Below is an example of a ritual where one of the central elements is an amethyst ball.


  • Small amethyst sphere
  • Candle and matches
  • A pleasant and peaceful space
  • A comfortable seat pad or cushion
  • Incense or aromatic oils

Ritual steps:

  1. Preparation : Choose a quiet space where you can focus on the ritual without distraction. Place the candle on the table or platform, light it and place the amethyst sphere next to it. If you wish, you can also light incense or spread a few drops of aromatic oil in the space to make it fragrant.
  2. Relaxation : Sit comfortably on a platform or cushion near the amethyst sphere and candle. Close your eyes and take a few deep and calm breaths. Stop for a moment and feel your body and the surrounding energy.
  3. Connection to amethyst : Take the amethyst sphere in your hand and feel its smooth surface. Observe its colors and shape. Focus on the energy of the amethyst sphere. You can imagine it radiating a fine shade of purple that fills the space around you. Call the energy of amethyst to you and use it to ask for clarity and intuitive guidance from the future or the past.
  4. Meditation and reflection : Start a meditation with an amethyst sphere. You can close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting inside a large amethyst sphere glowing with purple light. Let your thoughts flow freely in time. Try to be open to the new insights and insights you receive through the energy of the amethyst sphere. Stop for a moment and think about what messages or thoughts you get during meditation.
  5. Thank you and closing : When you are finished, thank the amethyst sphere for its guidance and assistance. Extinguish the candle if you have used one. Take some time after the ritual and feel the peace and clarity brought by the ritual before returning to your everyday chores. You can also write down the insights that arise.

This ritual can help you delve into the energy of the amethyst sphere and find inner peace and guidance. Remember to do the ritual in your own way and according to your needs.

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